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fta(4)									fta(4)

       fta - device driver for DEFTA FDDI Network Adapter

       device fta0 at ibus? vector ftaintr

       The  is	a network device driver that controls a DEFTA.	The DEFTA is a
       TURBOchannel 100 Mbit/second Fiber Distributed  Data  Interface	(FDDI)
       timed  token  ring  network adapter.  The device driver allows the host
       system to be an FDDI single attachment station.

       The host's Internet address is specified at boot time with  an  SIOCSI‐
       FADDR ioctl.  The device driver employs the address resolution protocol
       described in to map dynamically between Internet and FDDI addresses  on
       the local network.

       The  maximum frame size for the DEFTA interface is 4500 bytes, which is
       substantially larger that the 1500 bytes maximum	 packet	 size  of  the
       Ethernet interfaces. The device driver does not support the BSD trailer
       encapsulation, which is specific to the VAX architecture.

       The SIOCRPHYSADDR ioctl can be used to read the physical address of the
       DEFTA  adapter.	The  physical  address of the DEFTA adapter can not be

       The SIOCADDMULTI and SIOCDELMULTI ioctls can be used to add  or	delete
       multicast addresses.  The DEFTA supports up to 64 multicast addresses.

       The SIOCRDCTRS ioctl can be used to read the FDDI driver counters.  The
       DEFTA adapter status and characteristics can also be read through  this
       ioctl by providing a FDDI_STATUS flag . The argument to this ioctl is a
       pointer to a counter or status structure, found in <net/if.h>.

       The SIOCENABLBACK and SIOCDISABLBACK ioctls can be used to  enable  and
       disable the interface loopback mode, respectively.

       The SIOCEEUPDATE ioctl can be used to update the adapter's firmware.

       The SIOCIFRESET ioctl can be used to reset the adapter.

       Diagnostic  error  messages  contain information provided by the device
       driver. For example:

       fta%d: ftaprobe selftest failed
       The DEFTA adapter did not pass the power-up selftest during autoconfig‐
       fta%d: port init failed
       The DEFTA adapter cannot be initialized.
       fta%d: LINK unavailable
       The network link has gone down and the station is no longer a member of
       the FDDI ring.
       fta%d: Ring Init Received
       A Ring Initialization unsolicited event has been received from the FDDI
       ring by the device driver through the DEFTA interface.

See Also
       arp(4p), fza(4), inet(4f), intro(4n)


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