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ftok(3C)							      ftok(3C)

       ftok() - create interprocess communication identifier


       All  interprocess communication facilities require the user to supply a
       key to be used by the and system calls to obtain interprocess  communi‚Äź
       cation identifiers (see msgget(2), semget(2), and shmget(2)).

       returns	a  key	based  on path and id that is usable in subsequent and
       system calls.

       The parameters for the function are as follows:

	      path		  must be the path name of  an	existing  file
				  that is accessible to the process.

	      id		  is  a	 character  that uniquely identifies a
				  project.  This means that only the low order
				  8-bits  of  id  are  significant.  Note that
				  returns the same key for linked  files  when
				  called  with the same id and that it returns
				  different keys when  called  with  the  same
				  file name but different ids.

       returns	if  path  does	not  exist  or	if it is not accessible to the

       The following call to returns a key associated with the file myfile and

       If the file whose path is passed to is removed when keys still refer to
       the file, future calls to with the same path  and  id  will  return  an
       error.	If the same file is recreated, is likely to return a different
       key than it did the original time it was called.

       intro(2), msgget(2), semget(2), shmget(2), thread_safety(5).


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