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ftpservers(4)							 ftpservers(4)

       ftpservers - ftpd virtual hosting configuration specification file

       The  file  is  used  to	tell which set of virtual domain configuration
       files that the server should use.  With support, wu-ftpd has the	 abil‐
       ity to use separate configuration files for each virtual domain.

       For  a  virtual host, configuration files can be placed into a separate
       virtual domain directory. The directory path and the  virtual  host  IP
       address that is to use those configuration files is listed in the file.
       The actual configuration files put into the  virtual  domain  directory
       MUST be named as follows:

       virtual domain's access file.

       restrict the accounts that can use the web server."

       SITE GROUP and SITE GPASS support."

       allow or deny usernames access to that virtual server."

       customize conversions available in the virtual domain."

       You  do not need to put every file in each of the virtual domain direc‐
       tories.	If you want a set of domains to use the master copy of a file,
       for  example,  the file, then do not include that file in those virtual
       domain directories.  In that case the default master copy will be used.

       The file names must match those listed above.  If you misspell  any  of
       them or name them something else, the server WILL NOT find them and the
       master copy of them will be used instead.

   ftpservers File Format
       There are two fields to each entry.

	      For example:

       When an ftp client connects to  the  server,  tries  to	match  the  IP
       address the ftp client connected to with one found in the file.

       If  a match is found the path to the specified directory containing the
       configuration files for that specific domain is returned.   The	server
       uses any configuration files in that directory.

       If  a  match is not found, or an invalid directory path is encountered,
       default paths to the configuration files are used.  The use of  in  the
       example	above  fails the check for a specific directory and the master
       configuration files will be used.

       Either the actual IP address or a specific  hostname  can  be  used  to
       specify	the  virtual domain.  It is better to specify the actual IP of
       the virtual domain as it reduces the need for a domain lookup and elim‐
       inates DNS security related naming issues.

       Comment	lines  are  depicted  with  a  # sign.	Both comment lines and
       blanklines are ignored.

       was developed by the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.

       ftpd(1M) , ftpaccess(4) , ftpconversions(4) , ftphosts(4).


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