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ftpshut(1)							    ftpshut(1)

       ftpshut	- create shutdown message file to shut down the ftp servers at
       a given time

       time [ warning-message ... ]

       The command provides an automated shutdown procedure that  a  superuser
       can  use to notify ftp users when the ftp server is shutting down. This
       command will create a shutdown message file in the  path	 specified  by
       the 'shutdown' directive in the file in the real, anonymous and virtual
       user accounts.  For guest accounts the system administrator  must  copy
       the message file created in the real user account to the guest accounts
       manually.  The server will check this file  regularly  to  see  if  the
       server is going to be shut down.

	      This  option causes the program to display copyright and version
			     then terminate.

	      This option is used as deny_offset. New FTP access  is  disabled
	      'min' minutes before
			     shutdown.	The  default value of 'min' is 10 min‐
			     utes. This value can be reset by the user.

	      This option is used as disc_offset. All current FTP  connections
	      will be dropped 'min'
			     minutes  before  shutdown.	 The  default value of
			     'min' is 5 minutes. This value can	 be  reset  by
			     the user.

	      time	     time, is the time at which the ftp server will be
			     shutdown. If is set to the word `now'  the	 shut‐
			     down  will be immediate.  time can also be set to
			     a future time.  Future time can be	 specified  in
			     one  of  the  two formats: + number or HHMM.  The
			     first format brings the ftp servers down in  num‐
			     ber  minutes.   The  second format brings the ftp
			     servers down at the time of day indicated,	 using
			     a 24-hour clock format.

			     The  warning-message  is  the  message the server
			     will flash to its clients on shut down. The  user
			     can  use  a  message  of  his  choice  or use the
			     'macros' or 'magic cookies' that  are  available.
			     The server will replace the macro with the speci‐
			     fied text string.	The  warning-message  will  be
			     formatted to be 75 characters long, including the
			     length of any expanded macros ("magic  cookies").
			     The  default  warning message is "System shutdown
			     at %s".  The following magic cookies  are	avail‐

			     %s		    time system is going to shut down

			     %r		    time   new	 connections  will  be

			     %d		    time current connections  will  be

			     %C		    current working directory

			     %E		    the	 maintainer's email address as
					    defined in ftpaccess

			     %L		    local host name

			     %M		    maximum allowed number of users in
					    this class

			     %N		    current  number  of	 users in this

			     %R		    remote host name

			     %T		    local  time	 (form	Thu   Nov   15
					    17:12:42 1990)

			     %U		    username given at login time

       You  can	 kill  the  servers only between now and 23:59, if you use the
       absolute time for


	       0 successful

	       1 failure

	      -1 the wrong parameter was passed to

       was developed by the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.



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