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genra(8)							      genra(8)

       genra - produce distribution RA60 media

       /etc/genra [-{wv}] [hostname:]product_code special

       The  utility  is	 used to produce RA60 distribution media.  The utility
       searches for the product_code (as provided by the user on  the  command
       line),  creates	a  new file system on the partition defined in the kit
       description, mounts the disk, transfers files and subsets as  described
       in  the	kitcap	kit  description, uses to verify files for accuracy in
       transfer, and then unmounts the file system.  The  utility  can	create
       multiple	 directories  on  the RA60 for separate products, and can also
       combine multiple products into one product, all controlled by

       The optional hostname: argument is the name of a remote TCP/IP  network
       machine	that contains the kitcap file.	The utility will search on the
       remote machine for the product_code and use it for creating the	media.
       The colon (:) is a required delimiter for TCP/IP networks, and there is
       no space between the colon and the product_code.	 For example,  if  the
       product	code  was  ULT-2.2-V-BW, and the kitcap file to be used was on
       node "mynode", the proper syntax for this option would be

       The product_code is  a  user  defined  code  that  is  located  in  and
       describes  the partition, directories, and subsets, that make up a kit‐
       cap description.	 It can be any set of numbers or letters, and is  usu‐
       ally  formed  in	 a  way to have some meaning as to the product that it
       describes.  For example, if the product name is	MYPRODUCT  and	it  is
       version 1, a proper product_code for that product might be MYP010.

       The special argument indicates that the device is a special device such
       as The actual partition that the utility will write  the	 files	on  is
       defined	in  the	 kitcap description for the product_code that is being
       used.  Therefore, it makes no difference what partition is appended  to
       the special device file used on the command line.

       -w     Write only.

       -v     Verify only.

	      If  neither option appears on the command line, then by default,
	      the utility will write,  then  verify,  the  files  in  the  kit

       You  must be a superuser to run this program.  If the optional hostname
       is used, you must be able to access files on the remote host  as	 supe‐

       ra device special files

       Kit descriptor database

See Also
       gentapes(1), sum(1), kitcap(5)


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