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gentapes(8)							   gentapes(8)

       gentapes - produce distribution mag tape media

       /usr/sys/dist/gentapes [-{wv}] [hostname:]product_code special

       The utility is used to produce MT9 or TK50 mag tape distribution media.
       The utility searches for the product_code as provided by	 the  user  on
       the  command line, plus the letters "TK" which is appended to the prod‐
       uct code by the utility.	 If a corresponding kit descriptor is found in
       the utility uses the information in the kit descriptor to copy files to
       the tape media mounted on tape drive special.  Once all files have been
       transferred, the tape is rewound and each file is verified by using the
       results of and comparing it to sums given in the kit image  file.   The
       utility can support multi-volume tape kits, and multiproduct tape kits.
       See for information on how to set up these features.

       The optional hostname: is the name of a remote TCP/IP  network  machine
       that  contains  the kitcap file.	 The utility will search on the remote
       machine for the product_code and use it for creating  the  media.   The
       colon  (:) is a required delimiter for TCP/IP networks, and there is no
       space between the colon and the	product_code.	For  example,  if  the
       product	code  was  ULT-2.2-V-BW, and the kitcap file to be used was on
       node "mynode", the proper syntax for this option would be

       The product_code is  a  user  defined  code  that  is  located  in  and
       describes the partition, directories, and subsets that make up a kitcap
       description.  It can be any set of numbers or letters  and  is  usually
       formed  in  a  way to have some meaning relative to the product that it
       describes.  For example, if the product name is	MYPRODUCT  and	it  is
       version 1, the product_code might be MYP010.

       The  special  argument  is  used	 to  specify  a special device such as

       -w     Write only.

       -v     Verify only.

	      If neither option appears on the command line,  the  utility  by
	      default will write and then verify the files in the kit descrip‐

       You must be a superuser to run this program.  If the optional  hostname
       is  used,  you must be able to access files on the remote host as supe‐

       ra device special files

       Kit descriptor database

See Also
       sum(1), kitcap(5), genra(8)


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