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getfh(2)							      getfh(2)

       getfh() - return file handle for file on remote node

       The  system call returns a file handle in the pointed to by fhp for the
       file pointed to by path.	 This information is used to  perform  an  NFS
       mount  for  a remote node.  is executed on the remote node; results are
       passed back to the program doing the  NFS  mount.   The	caller	should
       never  examine  the file handle contents.  The file handle only identi‐
       fies a file to the node that produced the file handle.  (The term "file
       handle" refers to an NFS concept.)

       The effective user ID of the calling process must be superuser.

       returns the following values:

	      Successful completion.
		     is set to indicate the error.

       If fails, is set to one of the following values.

	      [EINVAL]	     Invalid  argument,	 or  the file or directory has
			     not been exported by (see exportfs(1M)).

	      [ENOENT]	     File or directory	specified  by  path  does  not

	      [EPERM]	     The effective user ID is not superuser.

	      [EREMOTE]	     The  file	or  directory  specified  by path is a
			     remote file or directory.

       This call should be used only by HP-supplied commands and is not recom‐
       mended for use by non-HP-supplied programs.

       was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

       exportfs(1M), mount(1M), vfsmount(2).


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