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getfilexsec(1M)						       getfilexsec(1M)

       getfilexsec - display security attributes of binary executable(s)


       The  command  displays  various extended security attributes associated
       with binary executable files.  These attributes include retained privi‐
       leges,  permitted  privileges,  and  compartment and security attribute
       flags.  See privileges(5) and exec(2)

       The command supports the following options:

	      Displays the compartment name of the file(s).

	      Displays security attribute flags.
			The only currently defined flag is the privilege start

	      Displays the minimum permitted privileges.

	      Displays the maximum permitted privileges.

	      Displays the minimum retained privileges.

	      Displays the maximum retained privileges.

       If  no  options	are specified, all extended security attributes of the
       binary file(s) are displayed.

       supports the following operand:

	      filename	Binary executable file.	 All file names given as argu‐
			ments  must  be	 binary	 executables.	Files of other
			types (for example, script  executables,  text	files,
			and so on) are not permitted.

   Security Restrictions
       The  user  invoking  this command must be able to open the directory in
       which the binary executable files are present.

       returns the following values:

	      Successful completion.
		     The attributes are displayed.

	      An error occurs.
		     An error can be caused by an invalid option or inadequate
		     permissions to perform the operation.

       Example 1: Display the maximum permitted privileges and privilege-aware
       flag of binary executable file

       Sample output:

	      Flag: start_nil
	      PermittedMaxPrivileges: CMPTREAD, CMPTWRITE

       setfilexsec(1M), exec(2), compartments(5), privileges(5).


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