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getnode(8)							    getnode(8)

       getnode - display one or more entries from the nodes database

       /etc/getnode [ node...  ]

       For each given node argument, displays the corresponding node entry (or
       entries) from the nodes database.  The nodes database is the  one  used
       by  DECnet.   If	 you  do  not specify any node argument(s), all of the
       entries in the nodes database are displayed.

       The node is either the node address or the  node	 name  for  each  node
       entry  that  you want to display.  (Note that you can specify more than
       one node argument in a single command.)

       A node address is a decimal integer in the range of 1 to 1023 for  sin‐
       gle  area networks, or has the format a.n for multiarea networks, where
       a is the network area number (a decimal integer in the range  of	 2  to
       63)  and	 n  is the node number (a decimal integer in the range of 1 to

       A node name can be from 1 to 6 alphanumeric  characters,	 including  at
       least 1 alphabetic character.

       # /etc/getnode 44.70 mynode <RET>
       This command displays the entries in the nodes database for nodes 44.70
       and mynode.
       # /etc/getnode <RET>
       This command displays all of the entries in the nodes database.
       # /etc/getnode lttwi <RET>
       This command displays the entry in the nodes database for node lttwi.

See Also
       addnode(8), ccr(8), load(8), mop_mom(8), remnode(8), trigger(8)
       Guide to Ethernet Communication Servers


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