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getopt(1)							     getopt(1)

       getopt - parse command options

       optstring args

       is  used to break up options in command lines for easy parsing by shell
       procedures and to check for legal options.  optstring is	 a  string  of
       recognized option letters (see getopt(3C)).  If a letter is followed by
       a colon, the option is expected to have an argument, which may  or  may
       not be separated from it by whitespace.

       The  positional	parameters  ...)  of  the shell are reset so that each
       option is preceded by a and is in its own  positional  parameter;  each
       option argument is also parsed into its own positional parameter.

       recognizes  two	hyphens to delimit the end of the options.  If absent,
       places at the end of the options.

       The most common use of is in  the  shell's  command  (see  the  example
       below)  where  converts	the command line to a more easily parsed form.
       writes the modified command line to the standard output.

   Environment Variables
       determines the language in which messages are displayed.

       If is not specified in the environment or is set to the	empty  string,
       the  value  of is used as a default for each unspecified or empty vari‐

       If is not specified or is set to the empty string,  a  default  of  "C"
       (see  lang(5))  is used instead of If any internationalization variable
       contains an invalid setting, behaves  as	 if  all  internationalization
       variables are set to "C".  See environ(5).

   International Code Set Support
       Single-byte and multibyte character code sets are supported.

       prints  an  error  message  on the standard error when it encounters an
       option letter that is not included in optstring.

       The following code fragment processes the arguments for a command  that
       can take the options or and the option which requires an argument:

       This code accepts any of the following as equivalent:

       option arguments must not be null strings nor contain embedded blanks.

       getopts(1), sh(1), getopt(3C).


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