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getopt(1)							     getopt(1)

       getopt - parse command options

       set - - getopt optstring $∗

       The  command  breaks  up	 options  in command lines for easy parsing by
       Shell procedures and checks for legal options.	The  optstring	option
       letters	are  recognized if a letter is followed by a colon, the option
       expects an argument which may or may not be separated from it by	 white
       space.  For further information, see

       The  special  option,  specified by two minus signs (- -), delimits the
       end of the options.  If the delimiters are used explicitly,  recognizes
       it;  otherwise,	generates it.  In either case, places the delimiter at
       the end of the options.	The positional parameters ($1 $2 ...)  of  the
       shell  are reset so that each option is preceded by a single minus sign
       (-) and is in its own positional parameter;  each  option  argument  is
       also parsed into its own positional parameter.

       The following code fragment shows how you can process the arguments for
       a command that can take the options a or b, as well as  the  option  o,
       which requires an argument:
       set -- getopt abo: $∗
       if [ $? != 0 ]
	    echo $USAGE
	    exit 2
       for i in $∗
	    case $i in
	    -a ⎪ -b)  FLAG=$i; shift;;
	    -o)	 OARG=$2; shift 2;;
	    --)	 shift; break;;
       This code accepts any of the following as equivalent:
       cmd -aoarg file file
       cmd -a -o arg file file
       cmd -oarg -a file file
       cmd -a -oarg -- file file

       The  command  prints  an	 error	message	 on the standard error when it
       encounters an option letter not included in optstring.

See Also
       sh5(1), getopt(3)


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