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getpublickey(3N)					      getpublickey(3N)

       getpublickey(),	getsecretkey(),	 publickey - retrieve public or secret


       and get public and secret keys for netname.  The key may come from  one
       of  the	following sources: the file (see publickey(4)), the NIS map or
       entries in the LDAP directory.  The sources and their lookup order  are
       specified in the file (see nsswitch.conf(4)).

       has  an	extra argument, passwd, which is used to decrypt the encrypted
       secret key stored in the database.

       Thread Safe:	     Yes
       Cancel Safe:	     Yes
       Fork Safe:	     No
       Async-cancel Safe:    No
       Async-signal Safe:    No

       These functions can be called safely in	a  multithreaded  environment.
       They  may  be  cancellation points in that they call functions that are
       cancel points.

       In a multithreaded environment, these functions	are  not  safe	to  be
       called  by  a child process after and before These functions should not
       be called by a multithreaded  application  that	supports  asynchronous
       cancellation or asynchronous signals.

       Both  routines return if they are successful in finding the key, (zero)
       otherwise.  The	keys  are  returned  as	 NULL-terminated,  hexadecimal
       strings.	  If the password supplied to fails to decrypt the secret key,
       the routine will return but the secretkey[0] will be set to NULL.

       HP-UX 11i Version 2 is the last HP-UX release on	 which	NIS+  is  sup‐
       ported.	 LDAP  is the recommended replacement for NIS+.	 HP fully sup‐
       ports the industry standard naming services based on LDAP.

       secure_rpc(3N), nsswitch.conf(4), publickey(4).


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