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getsockopt(2)							 getsockopt(2)

       getsockopt, setsockopt - get or set options on sockets

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <sys/socket.h>
       getsockopt(s, level, optname, optval, optlen)
       int s, level, optname;
       char *optval;
       int *optlen;

       setsockopt(s, level, optname, optval, optlen)
       int s, level, optname;
       char *optval;
       int optlen;

       The  and	 system	 calls	manipulate  options  associated with a socket.
       Options can exist at multiple protocol levels; they are always  present
       at the uppermost socket level.

       When manipulating socket options, the level at which the option resides
       and the name of the option must be specified.  To manipulate options at
       the  socket  level,  level  is  specified as SOL_SOCKET.	 To manipulate
       options at any other level, the protocol number of the appropriate pro‐
       tocol  controlling  the option must be supplied.	 For example, to indi‐
       cate an option is to be interpreted by the TCP protocol,	 level	should
       be set to the protocol number of TCP.  For further information, see

       The  parameters	optval and optlen are used to access option values for
       For they identify a buffer  in  which  the  values  for	the  requested
       options	are  to	 be returned.  For optlen is a value-result parameter,
       initially containing the size of the buffer pointed to  by  optval  and
       modified	 on  return to indicate the actual size of the value returned.
       If no option value is to be supplied or returned, optval	 can  be  sup‐
       plied as 0.

       The  optname  parameter	and  any specified options are passed uninter‐
       preted to the appropriate  protocol  module  for	 interpretation.   The
       include	file  <sys/socket.h>  contains	definitions  for  socket level
       options.	 For further information, see Options at other protocol levels
       vary in format and name.	 Consult the or reference pages for details.

Return Values
       A  zero	is  returned  if  the  call succeeds, and -1 is returned if it

       The call fails under the following conditions:

       [EBADF]	      The argument s is not a valid descriptor.

       [ENOTSOCK]     The argument s is a file, not a socket.

       [ENOPROTOOPT]  The option is unknown.

       [EFAULT]	      The address pointed to by optval is not in a valid  part
		      of  the  process address space.  For this error can also
		      be returned if optlen is not in  a  valid	 part  of  the
		      process address space.

See Also
       fcntl(2), socket(2), getprotoent(3n), Guide to the Data Link Interface


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