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gettimeofday(2)						       gettimeofday(2)

       gettimeofday - get the date and time


       The  function  obtains  the  current  time,  expressed  as  seconds and
       microseconds since Epoch, and stores it in the structure pointed to  by

       The resolution of the system clock is one microsecond.

       Programs	 should	 use this time zone information only in the absence of
       the environment variable.

       tp   A pointer to a structure in which the current time is returned.

	    The structure includes the following members:

       tzp  If this parameter is not a null pointer, it is  interpreted	 as  a
	    pointer to a structure under HP-UX.	 The structure has the follow‚Äź
	    ing fields:

	    tz_minuteswest The number of minutes that the local time  zone  is
			   west of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or Epoch.

	    tz_dsttime	   A  flag  that,  if nonzero, indicates that Daylight
			   Savings  Time  (DST)	 applies  locally  during  the
			   appropriate part of the year.

       returns the following values under HP-UX:

	      Successful completion.

		     is set to indicate the error.

       If fails, is set to the following value under HP-UX:

	      [EFAULT]	     An argument address referenced invalid memory.

       The  following  HP-UX example calls twice.  It then computes the lapsed
       time between the calls in  seconds  and	microseconds  and  stores  the
       result in a timeval structure:

       Relying	on a granularity of one microsecond may result in code that is
       not portable to other platforms.

       was developed by the University of California, Berkeley, and HP.

       date(1), ftime(2), settimeofda(2), stime(2), time(2), ctime(3C).


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