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glance(1)							     glance(1)

       glance - GlancePlus system performance monitor for HP-UX

       glance [-command]
	   [-j interval] [-nice nicevalue] [-nosort] [-lock]
	   [-p [dest]] [-f dest] [-maxpages numpages]
	   [-disks <n>] [-nfs <n>] [-pids <n>]
	   [-kernel <path>] [-fs_interval interval]
	   [-adviser_off] [-adviser_only] [-iterations count]
	   [-bootup] [-syntax filename]
	   [-aos filename]
	   [-all_trans] [-all_instances]

       GlancePlus  is a powerful and easy-to-use online performance diagnostic
       tool for HP-UX systems.	It is  distributed  in	two  forms:  "gpm",  a
       Motif-based program and "glance", a character mode program.  We provide
       both so you can choose the most appropriate tool for  your  job.	  With
       gpm,  you  get  the  power and ease-of-use of a Motif-based tool.  With
       glance, you can run on almost  any  terminal  or	 workstation,  over  a
       serial  interface and relatively slow data communication links,and with
       lower resource requirements.  Either component provides the  same  rich
       set of performance information.

       The  default  Process  List  screen  provides  general  data  on system
       resources and active processes.	More specific data  is	presented  via
       the  CPU, Memory, Disk IO, Network, NFS, System Calls, Swap, and System
       Table screens.  Specific per-process detail is also available  via  the
       individual  process screens.  Running in a terminal environment, Glance
       aids performance problem resolution on all HP 9000 series systems.

       Definitions and descriptions of each metric are provided in  GlancePlus
       online help.

       -command	      This  option  can be used to request a different initial
		      screen than  the	Process	 List  screen.	 This  startup
		      option  corresponds  to the keystroke commands that dis‐
		      play different detail screens  once  the	tool  is  run.
		      Only  one	 of  the  commands in the first section of the
		      COMMAND SUMMARY (below) is allowed for this option.

       -j interval    This option allows you to preset the number  of  seconds
		      between  screen  refreshes in place of the default value
		      of 5 seconds.  For example, if -j 60 is passed  in,  the
		      screen  update  interval	would be preset to 60 seconds.
		      The allowable update value range is from 1 to 32767 sec‐

       -nice nicevalue
		      This  option  allows  you to set the nice priority value
		      for the GlancePlus process. The default  nice  value  is
		      -10 (see man-page nice(1)).

       -nosort	      This  option  tells  GlancePlus  not to sort interesting
		      processes listed	on  the	 Process  List	screen.	  This
		      reduces Glance's CPU overhead.

       -lock	      This  option  allows GlancePlus to lock itself into mem‐
		      ory.  (This  is  opposite	 of  the  meaning  of  earlier
		      releases of GlancePlus).	Note that response time may be
		      enhanced by using this option, but there is  the	possi‐
		      bility  that you will receive the error "Unable to allo‐
		      cate memory/swap space".	If this happens, you must  run
		      GlancePlus without using this option.

       -p [dest]      This  option  indicates that the continuous Print option
		      should be enabled when the tool  starts.	 This  can  be
		      useful  for  printing  screens automatically over a long
		      interval.	 The output will be directed to the default lp
		      device,  unless  the  dest  parameter is supplied.  Once
		      GlancePlus is running, another  p	 command  toggles  the
		      continuous print off.

       -f dest	      This  option  indicates that the continuous Print option
		      should be enabled when the tool  starts.	 This  can  be
		      useful  for  printing  screens automatically over a long
		      interval.	 The output will be directed to the  specified
		      destination file.	 Once GlancePlus is running, another p
		      command toggles the continuous print off. This option is
		      not supported on Adviser mode.

       -maxpages numpages
		      This option changes the maximum number of pages that can
		      be printed with the p command.  The default  maximum  is
		      200 pages.

       -disks <n>
       -nfs <n>
       -pids <n>
       -kernel <path>
		      These  command line options are passed directly into the
		      midaemon and they control the midaemon's startup parame‐
		      ters  (see  man-page  midaemon(1)).   If the midaemon is
		      already running, then these options are ignored.

       -fs_interval interval
		      This option allows you to reset the  number  of  seconds
		      between  updates of FS_SPACE_UTIL. Currently the default
		      value for this metric is	4  minutes.  The  the  minimum
		      allowed update interval with this option is 30 seconds.

       -no_fkeys      This option disables the display of function key labels.

       -adviser_off   Allows you to run GlancePlus without the Adviser.

       -adviser_only  This option allows GlancePlus to run with no screen dis‐
		      plays to the terminal.Only the Adviser will run, sending
		      it's  output to stdout. With this option, the GlancePlus
		      Adviser runs  in	the  background,  with	stdout	output
		      optionally  redirected  to  a  file.  If you want to run
		      GlancePlus in "Adviser only" mode at startup  time,  you
		      must include the -bootup option as well.

       -iterations count
		      This  option allows you to limit the number of intervals
		      that GlancePlus will run.	 This can be used in  conjunc‐
		      tion with the -adviser_only option which enables Glance‐
		      Plus to run in the background with  no  terminal	screen
		      displays.	 Glance	 will execute for the number of itera‐
		      tions specified and then terminate.  The minimum	itera‐
		      tion value is 2 which will be used if the count is spec‐
		      ified as 2 or less.

       -bootup	      This option allows GlancePlus to ignore the SIGHUP  sig‐
		      nal.  Use	 this option along with -adviser_only when you
		      want to run GlancePlus in "Adviser only" mode at startup

       -syntax filename
		      Use  this	 option	 to specify a file name which contains
		      the syntax to be used by the Adviser.  If no syntax file
		      is specified, the Adviser will search for a user default
		      file, ~/adviser.syntax.	If  no	user  syntax  file  is
		      found,	 the	 system	    default    syntax	 file,
		      /var/opt/perf/adviser.syntax, will be used.

       -aos filename  Use this option as an alternative to -adviser_only -syn‐
		      tax filename option.

       -all_trans     This  option  allows  GlancePlus to display all transac‐
		      tions registered on your system. If not specified, Glan‐
		      cePlus only displays transactions filtered by the values
		      specified in your threshold file.

       -all_instances This option allows GlancePlus to display the most recent
		      2048 instances in a transaction. If not specified, Glan‐
		      cePlus only displays active instances with no stop time.

       The following commands are  grouped  into  three	 sections;  top	 level
       screens,	 secondary screens, and miscellaneous commands.	 The top level
       screen commands are the only ones allowed on the command line.

	    │Command │		Screen Displayed / Description		 │
	    │	a    │ CPU By Processor					 │
	    │	c    │ CPU Report					 │
	    │	d    │ Disk Report					 │
	    │	g    │ Process List					 │
	    │	i    │ IO By File System				 │
	    │	l    │ Network By Interface				 │
	    │	m    │ Memory Report					 │
	    │	n    │ NFS By System					 │
	    │	t    │ System Tables Report				 │
	    │	u    │ IO By Disk					 │
	    │	v    │ IO By Logical Volume				 │
	    │	w    │ Swap Space					 │
	    │	A    │ Application List					 │
	    │	B    │ Global Waits					 │
	    │	D    │ DCE Global Activity				 │
	    │	G    │ Process Threads					 │
	    │	H    │ Alarm History					 │
	    │	I    │ Thread Resource					 │
	    │	J    │ Thread Wait					 │
	    │	K    │ DCE Process List					 │
	    │	N    │ NFS Global Activity				 │
	    │	P    │ PRM Group List					 │
	    │	T    │ Transaction Tracker				 │
	    │	Y    │ Global System Calls				 │
	    │	Z    │ Global Threads					 │
	    │	U    │ IO By HBA Card					 │
	    │	V    │ Logical System List				 │
	    │	K    │ Logical System Report				 │
	    │	?    │ Commands Menu					 │
	    │	S    │ Select a NFS system/Disk/Application/Trans/Thread │
	    │	s    │ Select a single process				 │
	    │	F    │ Process Open Files				 │
	    │	L    │ Process System Calls				 │
	    │	M    │ Process Memory Regions				 │
	    │	R    │ Process Resources				 │
	    │	W    │ Process Wait States				 │
		       │Command │	  Description	      │
		       │   b	│ Scroll page backward	      │
		       │   f	│ Scroll page forward	      │
		       │   h	│ Online help		      │
		       │   j	│ Adjust refresh interval     │
		       │   o	│ Adjust process threshold    │
		       │   p	│ Print toggle		      │
		       │  e/q	│ Quit GlancePlus	      │
		       │   r	│ Refresh the current screen  │
		       │   y	│ Renice a process	      │
		       │   z	│ Reset statistics to zero    │
		       │   >	│ Display next logical screen │
		       │   <	│ Display previous screen     │
		       │   !	│ Invoke a shell	      │

       To choose the default start up  options,	 which	start  glance  in  the
       Process List screen, updating statistics every five seconds, enter:


       To  monitor  system resource usage overnight, run glance, and print the
       screen once every hour until you return and exit the program, enter:

	      glance -j 3600 -p

       To monitor and print swap utilization once every two hours,  specifying
       the lp2 destination printer, enter:

	      glance -j 7200 -p lp2 -w

       To execute GlancePlus at a higher than normal priority, limit the maxi‐
       mum number of pages output by the print command to 10, and request that
       the interesting processes be unsorted, enter:

	      glance -nice -19 -maxpages 10 -nosort

       To  run	GlancePlus  in	the background against special adviser syntax,
       logging data to a file, you must first create a file that contains  the
       appropriate adviser commands, then execute GlancePlus with stdout redi‐
       rected to a file.  For example:
	    echo 'print gbl_stattime, " runq=", gbl_run_queue' >temp
	    glance -aos ./temp -j 60>outfile &

       glance was developed by Hewlett-Packard.

       gpm(1), midaemon(1)

HP-UX								     glance(1)

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