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grantpt(3C)							   grantpt(3C)

       grantpt - grant access to the STREAMS slave pty

       The  passed  parameter,	fildes,	 is a file descriptor that is returned
       from a successful  open	of  a  STREAMS	master	pty  (pseudo-terminal)
       device.	The  function modifies the ownership and mode of the slave pty
       device special file associated with its master pty counterpart.

       A root program is spawned to change ownership and mode of the pty slave
       device  file  in	 the  following way: The group ID is set to a reserved
       group named "tty".  The slave user ID is set to the effective owner  of
       the  calling  process.	The permissions of the slave device are set so
       that the owner is allowed read  and  write  access  and	the  group  is
       allowed write access.

       Upon  successful	 completion, the function returns a value of 0 (zero).
       Otherwise, it returns a value of -1.

       Failure may result under the following conditions:

	      ·	 The file descriptor specified by the fildes parameter is  not
		 an open file descriptor.

	      ·	 The  file descriptor specified by the fildes parameter is not
		 associated with a STREAMS master pty device.

	      ·	 The corresponding slave pty device cannot be accessed.

       The function may also fail if the application has  installed  a	signal
       handler to catch the SIGCHLD (death of a child) signal.

       The following example shows how is typically used.


       was developed by HP and OSF.

       open(2), unlockpt(3C), ptsname(3C), ptm(7), pts(7), ptem(7), ldterm(7).


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