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gss_wrap(3)							   gss_wrap(3)

       gss_wrap()  -  attach  a message integrity code (MIC) to a message, and
       optionally encrypt the message content


       The routine attaches a cryptographic message integrity code  (MIC)  and
       optionally  encrypts  the  input_message.   The output_message contains
       both the MIC and the message.

       Although the qop_req parameter enables a choice between several	quali‐
       ties  of protection, if you specify an unsupported protection, the rou‐
       tine returns a status of

   Input Parameters
       context_handle	     Specifies the context on  which  the  message  is

       conf_req_flag	     Specifies	the requested level of confidentiality
			     and integrity services, as follows:

			     Non-zero	 Both  confidentiality	and  integrity
					 services are requested.

			     Zero	 Only	  integrity    services	   are

       qop_req		     Specifies the cryptographic algorithm, or quality
			     of	 protection.  A mechanism-specific default may
			     be requested by setting qop_req to

       input_message_buffer  Specifies the message to be protected.

   Output Parameters
       conf_state	     Returns the requested  level  of  confidentiality
			     and integrity services, as follows:

			     Non-zero	 Confidentiality, data origin, authen‐
					 tication, and integrity services have
					 been applied.

			     Zero	 Only  integrity  and data origin ser‐
					 vices have been applied.

       output_message_buffer Returns the buffer to receive the protected  mes‐

       minor_status	     Returns  a	 status	 code from the security mecha‐

       The following status codes can be returned:

       The routine was completed successfully.

       The context has already expired.

       The context is recognized but the associated
				credentials have expired.

       The routine failed. Check the
				minor_status parameter for details.

       The context identified in the
				context_handle parameter was not valid.

       The specified QOP is not supported by the mechanism.

       was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

       gss_unwrap(3), gss_wrap_size_limit(3).

       The manpages for DCE-GSSAPI are included with the  DCE-CoreTools	 prod‐
       uct.  To see those manpages add to


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