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GStreamer(1)							  GStreamer(1)

       gst-visualise - Run a GStreamer pipeline to display an audio visualisa‐

       gst-visualise [visualiser]

       gst-visualise is a tool that is used to run a basic GStreamer pipeline,
       to display a graphical visualisation of an audio stream.

       By  default,  the  audio stream is read from ESD (the Enlightened Sound
       Daemon), but this can be changed by setting the AUDIOSRC	 parameter  in
       ~/.gst.	 For  example,	you  might  set "AUDIOSRC=osssrc" to display a
       visualisation of the sound input to your soundcard.

       You can select a visualiser by providing a parameter naming  the	 visu‐
       aliser.	For example:

	gst-visualise synaesthesia

       will use the synaesthesia plugin.  If no visualiser is named, the VISU‐
       ALIZER property in ~/.gst will be  used.	  If  this  is	not  specified
       either, the goom visualiser will be used.

       The videosink to use to display the visualisation will be read from the
       VIDEOSINK parameter in ~/.gst, defaulting to sdlvideosink.

       gst-launch-ext(1), gst-inspect(1), gst-launch(1),

       The GStreamer team at

				 February 2002			  GStreamer(1)

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