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gtk-options(7)		      GTK+ User´s Manual		gtk-options(7)

       gtk-options - Standard Command Line Options for GTK+ Programs

       program [standard options] [specific options] arguments

       This  manual  page describes the command line options, which are common
       to all GTK+ based applications.

	      Load an additional Gtk module.

	      A colon separated list of GTK+ debugging flags  to  set.	 Valid
	      flags are objects, misc, signals, dnd, and plugsocket.  The spe‐
	      cial value all enables all flags.

	      GTK+ debugging flags to unset.  Use this options to override the
	      GTK_DEBUG environment variable.

	      Make all warnings fatal.

	      Set  the X display to use.  Use this option to override the DIS‐
	      PLAY environment variable.

	      X screen to use.	Use this options to override the  screen  part
	      of  the DISPLAY environment variable (see the DISPLAY NAMES sec‐
	      tion of the X(7x) manual page).

       --sync Make X calls synchronous.	 This slows down the program consider‐
	      ably, but may be useful for debugging purposes.

	      Do  not  use  the X server´s XSHM shared memory extension.  This
	      slows down the program.

	      Program name as used by the window manager.

	      Program class as used by the window manager.




	      Control the X input method.

	      A colon-separated list of GDK debugging flags to set.  This only
	      works  if	 your  GDK library was compile with debugging support.
	      Valid flags are events, misc, dnd, color-context, and xim.   The
	      special value all enables all valid flags.

	      A	 colon-separated  list	of  GDK debugging flags to unset.  Use
	      this options to override the GDK_DEBUG environment variable.

       X(7x), the GTK+ documentation, and the GDK documentation.

       For most GTK+ programs there will be additional command	line  options,
       which  are  specific  to	 the  program.	These will be explained in the
       application´s documentation.

       This manual page was written by Jochen Voss <>.

GTK+ 1.2			  2003-10-20			gtk-options(7)

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