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GVFS-TRASH(1)			 User Commands			 GVFS-TRASH(1)

       gvfs-trash - Move files or directories to the trash

       gvfs-trash [OPTION...] [LOCATION...]

       gvfs-trash sends files or directories to the "Trashcan". This can be a
       different folder depending on where the file is located, and not all
       file systems support this concept. In the common case that the file
       lives inside a users home directory, the trash folder is

       Note that moving files to the trash does not free up space on the file
       system until the "Trashcan" is emptied. If you are interested in
       deleting a file irreversibly, see gvfs-rm.

       Inspecting and emptying the "Trashcan" is normally supported by
       graphical file managers such as nautilus, but you can also see the
       trash with the command gvfs-ls trash://.

       The following options are understood:

       -h, --help
	   Prints a short help text and exits.

       -f, --force
	   Ignore nonexistent and non-deletable files.

	   Empty the trash.

       On success 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise.

       ls(1), gvfs-rm(1), Desktop Trash Can specification[1]

	1. Desktop Trash Can specification

gvfs								 GVFS-TRASH(1)

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