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gwlmstatus(1M)							gwlmstatus(1M)

       gwlmstatus - Display status for the managed node's agent and SRD

       gwlmstatus [--help] [--verbose] [--timeout=minutes]

       This  command  is  available  only on gWLM managed nodes (HP-UX systems
       where you run gwlmagent) in /opt/gwlm/bin/ to users logged in as root.

       gwlmstatus displays information for the node's SRD, license, and	 prod‐

       gwlmstatus indicates information such as:

	      + Whether gwlmagent is running

	      + The version of the installed gwlmagent

	      + The  SRD  to  which the current node belongs (if a member of a
		deployed SRD)

	      + Workloads running on the current node and information  on  the
		policies in effect for those workloads

	      + Master node of the deployed SRD

	      + Whether hosts in the SRD are nonresponsive

	      + Whether any hosts do not report as being members of the SRD

	      + Whether	 the  host's  SRD is the most recently deployed SRD on
		the CMS (This knowledge can be useful  in  determining	failed

	      + Whether any hosts are unable to rejoin the SRD

	    Displays  usage  information  and exits. This option overrides all
	    other options.

	    Displays information about the product and license in addition  to
	    the agent status information.

	    Instructs  gWLM to only declare SRDs as being in a failed state if
	    one or more hosts in the SRD have been in the current error	 state
	    for	 at least the specified number of minutes. The default minutes
	    value is 10.

       gwlmstatus may not detect every error state an SRD is in.

       Some functionality in gwlmstatus requires the gwlmcmsd process and  all
       gwlmagent processes in the SRD to be running.

       gwlmstatus was developed by HP.

       If  you	would  like to comment on the current HP gWLM functionality or
       make suggestions for future releases, please send email to:

       gwlm(1M), gwlmagent(1M), gwlm(5)


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