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hesupd(8)							     hesupd(8)

       hesupd - Hesiod update daemon for modifying BIND/Hesiod passwords

       The  Hesiod  update  daemon,  is	 a server that handles password change
       requests from the command and is run only on  the  BIND/Hesiod  primary
       server  serving the password database.  The daemon changes the password
       entries on the BIND/Hesiod primary server.

       The primary server is identified by the host  name  alias,  bindmaster,
       which must exist on the server's host entry in the hosts database.  The
       bindsetup command adds the host name alias, bindmaster to the  file  if
       it does not already exist.

       This  daemon  is	 not run by default, nor can it be started up from the
       daemon.	If you want to enable remote password updating	for  BIND/Hes‐
       iod,  put  an  entry for in the file of the host serving as the primary
       server for the BIND/Hesiod file.	 You can add the startup lines for  to
       by running the command.

       Hesiod  keeps  a	 log  file,  which records successful and unsuccessful
       password changes by uid.

       This following example shows lines you can add to in order to start the
       Hesiod update daemon at boot time.
	  [ -f /usr/etc/hesupd ] && {
	     /usr/etc/hesupd; echo -n ' hesupd' >/dev/console

       Startup commands pertinent to a specific system

       Log of password changes

       Default BIND Files:

       BIND/Hesiod passwd file

       BIND hosts file

See Also
       bindsetup(8), passwd(1)
       Guide to the BIND/Hesiod Service


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