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HPROP(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		      HPROP(8)

     hprop — propagate the KDC database

     hprop [-m file | --master-key=file] [-d file | --database=file]
	   [--source=heimdal|mit-dump|krb4-dump|kaserver] [-r string |
	   --v4-realm=string] [-c cell | --cell=cell] [-S | --kaspecials] [-k
	   keytab | --keytab=keytab] [-R string | --v5-realm=string]
	   [-D | --decrypt] [-E | --encrypt] [-n | --stdout] [-v | --verbose]
	   [--version] [-h | --help] [host[:port]] ...

     hprop takes a principal database in a specified format and converts it
     into a stream of Heimdal database records. This stream can either be
     written to standard out, or (more commonly) be propagated to a hpropd(8)
     server running on a different machine.

     If propagating, it connects to all hosts specified on the command by
     opening a TCP connection to port 754 (service hprop) and sends the data‐
     base in encrypted form.

     Supported options:

     -m file, --master-key=file
	     Where to find the master key to encrypt or decrypt keys with.

     -d file, --database=file
	     The database to be propagated.

	     Specifies the type of the source database. Alternatives include:

		   heimdal    a Heimdal database
		   mit-dump   a MIT Kerberos 5 dump file
		   krb4-dump  a Kerberos 4 dump file
		   kaserver   an AFS kaserver database

     -k keytab, --keytab=keytab
	     The keytab to use for fetching the key to be used for authenti‐
	     cating to the propagation daemon(s). The key kadmin/hprop is used
	     from this keytab.	The default is to fetch the key from the KDC

     -R string, --v5-realm=string
	     Local realm override.

     -D, --decrypt
	     The encryption keys in the database can either be in clear, or
	     encrypted with a master key. This option transmits the database
	     with unencrypted keys.

     -E, --encrypt
	     This option transmits the database with encrypted keys.

     -n, --stdout
	     Dump the database on stdout, in a format that can be fed to

     The following options are only valid if hprop is compiled with support
     for Kerberos 4 (kaserver).

     -r string, --v4-realm=string
	     v4 realm to use.

     -c cell, --cell=cell
	     The AFS cell name, used if reading a kaserver database.

     -S, --kaspecials
	     Also dump the principals marked as special in the kaserver data‐

     -K, --ka-db
	     Deprecated, identical to ‘--source=kaserver’.

     The following will propagate a database to another machine (which should
     run hpropd(8) ):

	   $ hprop slave-1 slave-2

     Convert a Kerberos 4 dump-file for use with a Heimdal KDC:

	   $ hprop -n --source=krb4-dump -d /var/kerberos/principal.dump --master-key=/.k | hpropd -n


HEIMDAL			       December 8, 2004			       HEIMDAL

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