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ic(1int)							      ic(1int)

       ic - compiler for language support database

       ic [ -Dname=def ] [ -Uname ] [ -Idir ] [ -v ] [ -o output ] [ source ]

       The  command  generates a binary international database from a database
       language source file. The command either accepts	 its  input  from  the
       file source or from the standard input, if you do not specify source .

       The  name  of  the output file is the name of the codeset in the source
       file or the name you specify using the option.

       For information on creating a database language source  file,  see  the
       Guide to Developing International Software.

       -D   Defines  name  to  the  C  preprocessor.  This option has the same
	    effect as including the directive at the head of your source file.
	    The default name definition is 1.

       -U   Removes any initial preprocessor definition of name .

       -I   Causes  the	 compiler  to search the named directory for files you
	    name in an directive.

       -o   Specifies the name you want	 to  use  for  the  output  file.   By
	    default,  the  compiler uses the name of the codeset in the source
	    file to name the output file.

       -v   Requests statistics on the number of simple and double letters  in
	    the	 source file, the number of tables in the source file, and the
	    size of the output binary file.

       The length of the table name modifier is limited to 44 characters.

       The following command causes the compiler to compile the source file:
       % ic -v GER_CH.8859.in
       INTLINFO database GER_CH.8859:
	     257 code table entries (256 simple/1 multi-byte).
	       1 property table(s).
	       1 collation table(s).
	       1 string table(s).
	       3 conversion tables: toascii, tolower, toupper.
       5051 bytes total length.
       The compiler searches for the file in the  current  working  directory.
       The  compiler  writes  compilation  statistics  to  as requested by the
       option.	The compiler creates a binary file, named in the current work‐
       ing directory.

Return Values
       The  compiler  returns  zero exit status for successful compilation; it
       returns nonzero status if it encounters errors that inhibit  generation
       of a binary file.

       The  compiler  issues  four  types  of  messages.   The	following list
       describes each of the four types:

       warning	      The compiler has detected syntax that may be  in	error,
		      but does not adversely effect the binary file.

       error nn	      The  compiler  has  detected  an	error severe enough to
		      inhibit the generation of a correct binary file.

       fatal error    The compiler has detected an error that makes it	impos‐
		      sible  to proceed with the compilation.  This error most
		      often occurs during compilation of the code table.

       fatal bug      This occurs when there are internal errors in  the  com‐
		      piler.   For example, this is generally produced when an
		      incompatible source file is given as an input to

       Temporary files

       C preprocessor

See Also
       intro(3int), setlocale  (3),  environ  (5int),  lang  (5int),  nl_lang‐
       Guide to Developing International Software


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