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idevicediagnostics(1)					 idevicediagnostics(1)

       idevicediagnostics  -  Interact	with  the  diagnostics	interface of a

       idevicediagnostics [OPTIONS] COMMAND

       Interact with the diagnostics interface of a  device  which  allows  to
       retrive	all  kinds  of	information  including diagnostics data, mobi‐
       legestalt data, remote access to the IORegistry	and  certain  commands
       like  restart, shutdown and sleep.  Only available for iOS 4 and later.
       Accessing IORegistry is only supported on iOS 5 and later.

       -u, --udid UDID
	      target specific device by its 40-digit device UDID.

       -d, --debug
	      enable communication debugging.

       -h, --help
	      prints usage information.

       diagnostics [TYPE]
	      print diagnostics information from device	 optionally  by	 TYPE.
	      This  includes  "All",  "WiFi", "GasGauge" or "NAND". Default is

       mobilegestalt KEY [...]
	      print values of mobilegestalt keys passed as arguments after the
	      command and seperated by a space.

       ioreg [PLANE]
	      print  IORegistry of device, optionally by PLANE like "IODevice‐
	      Tree", "IOPower"
	       or "IOService". Only available on iOS 5 and later.

	      shutdown device

	      restart device

       sleep  put device into sleep mode which also disconnects	 it  from  the

       Martin Szulecki


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