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ifconfig(8c)							  ifconfig(8c)

       ifconfig - configure network interface parameters

       /etc/ifconfig interface [ address [ dest_address ] ] [ parameters ]

       The command assigns an address to a network interface and/or configures
       network interface parameters.  You must use at boot time to define  the
       network	address	 of  each interface present on a machine. You can also
       use it at a later time to redefine an interface's address.  The	inter‐
       face  parameter	is a string of the form: name, unit, for example, en0.
       The address is either a host name present in the host name  data	 base,
       or  a  DARPA  Internet  address	expressed in the Internet standard dot

       You can set the following parameters with

       up	 Marks an interface up.

       down	 Marks an interface down.  When an interface is	 marked	 down,
		 the system does not attempt to transmit messages through that

       trailers	 Enables the use of a trailer link  level  encapsulation  when
		 sending.   If a network interface supports trailers, the sys‐
		 tem, when possible, encapsulates outgoing messages in a  man‐
		 ner that minimizes the number of memory-to-memory copy opera‐
		 tions performed by the receiver.
		 Although trailers is the default on some network  interfaces,
		 the  use  of trailers is not recommended; failures in trailer
		 negotiation can disrupt network transmissions.	  See  -trail‐

       -trailers Disables the use of a trailer link level encapsulation.  This
		 is the recommended setting.

       promisc	 Enables the use of the in the promiscuous mode. The promiscu‐
		 ous  mode  allows  the	 network  interface to receive all the
		 packets off the wire and pass it onto to the packet filter.

       -promisc	 Disables the promiscuous mode of the packet filter.  This  is
		 the default.

       +copyall	 Sets  the  interface  into  copy-all  mode  (receives packets
		 sent/received by the kernel-resident protocol	software  [for
		 example, IP, ARP, DECnet, LAT] on this host).

       -copyall	 Disables copy-all mode. (See for more information aboutut the

       arp	 Enables the use of the Address Resolution Protocol in mapping
		 between  network  level  addresses  and link level addresses.
		 This is the default.  This is currently implemented for  map‐
		 ping  between	DARPA  Internet	 addresses and 10Mb/s Ethernet

       -arp	 Disables the use of the Address Resolution Protocol.

       debug	 Enables driver-dependent debugging code. Usually, this	 turns
		 on extra console error logging.

       -debug	 Disables driver dependent debugging code.

       netmask	 Specifies  how	 many  bits of the address you wish to reserve
		 for subdividing Class A and  B	 networks  into	 sub-networks.
		 (Inet only).

       dstaddr	 Specifies  the	 correspondent	on the other end of a point to
		 point link.

       broadcast Specifies the address you wish to use to represent broadcasts
		 to the network.

       The  command displays the current configuration for a network interface
       when no optional parameters are supplied.

       Only the superuser can modify the configuration of a network interface.

       The command returns messages indicating the  specified  interface  does
       not exist, the requested address is unknown, the user tried to alter an
       interface's configuration but is not privileged.

See Also
       netstat(1), intro(4n), packetfilter(4), MAKEDEV(8), pfconfig(8c),  pfs‐
       tat(8), rc(8)


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