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inet(4f)							      inet(4f)

       inet - Internet protocol family

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <netinet/in.h>

       The  Internet protocol family is a collection of protocols that is lay‐
       ered on the Internet Protocol (IP) transport layer and  that  uses  the
       Internet address format.	 The Internet family provides protocol support
       for the	SOCK_STREAM,  SOCK_DGRAM,  and	SOCK_RAW  socket  types.   The
       SOCK_RAW interface provides access to the IP protocol.

       Internet	 addresses  are	 4-byte quantities, stored in network standard
       format.	The include file  defines  this	 address  as  a	 discriminated

       Sockets	bound  to  the	Internet  protocol  family  use	 the following
       addressing structure:
       struct sockaddr_in {
	    short     sin_family;
	    u_short   sin_port;
	    struct    in_addr sin_addr;
	    char sin_zero[8];
       Sockets may be created with the address INADDR_ANY  to  effect  ``wild‐
       card'' matching on incoming messages.

       The  Internet  protocol	family	comprises  the	IP transport protocol,
       Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Transmission Control Protocol
       (TCP),  and  User  Datagram Protocol (UDP).  TCP is used to support the
       SOCK_STREAM abstraction, while UDP is used to  support  the  SOCK_DGRAM
       abstraction.   A	 raw interface to IP and ICMP is available by creating
       an Internet socket of type SOCK_RAW.

See Also
       tcp(4p), udp(4p), ip(4p)


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