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initgroups(3C)							initgroups(3C)

       initgroups() - initialize group access list

       reads  the  login group file, and sets up the group access list for the
       user specified by name, using the system call (see  setgroups(2)).   If
       the  value of basegid is zero or positive, it is automatically included
       in the groups list.  Typically this value is given as the group	number
       from  the  password file.  If the login group file is empty, basegid is
       the only member of the list.  If the number of  groups,	including  the
       basegid entry, exceeds {NGROUPS_MAX}, then subsequent group entries are
       ignored (see limits(5)).

       Upon successful completion, returns 0; otherwise it returns −1 and sets
       to indicate the error.

       fails if any of the following conditions are encountered:

	      The calling process does not have the appropriate privilege.

	      Insufficient memory available to hold gidset.

	      An entry in gidset is not a valid group ID.

       uses  the routines based on getgrent(3C).  If the invoking program uses
       any of these routines, the group structure is overwritten by  the  call
       to  Subsequent  calls  to  with	the  same  name parameter override the
       actions of previous calls.

       On many systems, no one seems to keep up to date.

       uses the Dynamic Name  Service  Switch.	 (See  nsswitch.conf(4).)   An
       application that uses this interface cannot be fully archive bound.

       If  is linked to tries to use the Network Information Service (NIS) for
       entries beginning with a plus sign If group membership for name is man‐
       aged  by	 NIS, and no NIS server is able to respond, a call to does not
       return until a server does respond.  This lack of  action  causes  com‐
       mands such as and to wait indefinitely.

       See group(4) for proper syntax and operation.

       was developed by the University of California, Berkeley.

       login group file

       login(1),      su(1),	 getgroups(2),	   setgroups(2),     group(4),


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