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intro(3s)							     intro(3s)

       stdio - standard buffered input/output package

       #include <stdio.h>

       FILE *stdin;
       FILE *stdout;
       FILE *stderr;

       The functions described in section 3s constitute a user-level buffering
       scheme.	The in-line macros and handle characters quickly.  The	higher
       level routines all use and they can be freely intermixed.

       A file with associated buffering is called a stream, and is declared to
       be a pointer to a defined type FILE.  The  subroutine  creates  certain
       descriptive  data  for  a stream and returns a pointer to designate the
       stream in all further transactions.   There  are	 three	normally  open
       streams with constant pointers declared in the include file and associ‐
       ated with the standard open files:

       stdin	 standard input file
       stdout	 standard output file
       stderr	 standard error file

       A constant `pointer' NULL (0) designates no stream at all.

       An integer constant EOF (-1) is returned upon end of file or  error  by
       integer functions that deal with streams.

       Any  routine  that  uses the standard input/output package must include
       the header file <stdio.h> of pertinent macro  definitions.   The	 func‐
       tions  and  constants  mentioned in sections labeled 3S are declared in
       the include file and need no further declaration.  The  constants,  and
       the  following  `functions' are implemented as macros; redeclaration of
       these names is perilous:

       The GFLOAT version of libc is used when you use the  command  with  the
       -Mg  option,  or	 you use the command with the -lcg option.  The GFLOAT
       version of libc must be used with modules compiled with using  the  -Mg

       Note  that  neither  the	 compiler nor the linker can detect when mixed
       double floating point types are used, and the program may produce erro‐
       neous results if this occurs.

System V Compatibility
       This  library  contains System V compatibility features that are avail‐
       able to general ULTRIX programs.	 For a discussion of  how  these  fea‐
       tures  are documented, and how to specify that the System V environment
       is to be used in compiling and linking your programs, see

       The value EOF is returned uniformly to indicate that a FILE pointer has
       not  been initialized with input (output) has been attempted on an out‐
       put (input) stream, or a FILE pointer designates corrupt	 or  otherwise
       unintelligible FILE data.

       In  cases  where	 a  large amount of computation is done after printing
       part of a line on an output terminal, it is necessary to	 the  standard
       output before going off and computing so that the output will appear.

       /lib/libc.a /usr/lib/libcg.a

See Also
       open(2), close(2), read(2), write(2), fread(3s), fseek(3s), ferror(3s),
       fclose(3s), fopen(3s)


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