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ip(4p)									ip(4p)

       ip - Internet Protocol

       #include <sys/socket.h>
       #include <netinet/in.h>

       s = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_RAW, 0);

       The  IP	is  the transport layer protocol used by the Internet protocol
       family.	It can be accessed through a ``raw  socket''  when  developing
       new  protocols or special purpose applications.	IP sockets are connec‐
       tionless and are normally used with the and calls.  The call,  however,
       can  also  be  used to fix the destination for future packets, in which
       case the or and or system calls can be used.

       Outgoing packets automatically have an IP  header  prepended  to	 them,
       based  on the destination address and the protocol number the socket is
       created with.  Incoming packets are received with their IP headers  and
       options intact.

       On failure, a socket operation returns any of the following errors:

       [EISCONN]      Tried to establish a connection on a socket that already
		      had one, or tried to send a datagram with	 the  destina‐
		      tion  address specified when the socket was already con‐

       [ENOTCONN]     Tried to send a datagram, but no destination address was
		      specified and the socket was not connected.

       [ENOBUFS]      The system ran out of memory for an internal data struc‐

		      Made an attempt  to  create  a  socket  with  a  network
		      address for which no network interface existed.

See Also
       send(2), recv(2), inet(4f), intro(4n), packetfilter(4)


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