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IP-MONITOR(8)			     Linux			 IP-MONITOR(8)

       ip-monitor, rtmon - state monitoring

       ip  [ ip-OPTIONS ] monitor [ all | OBJECT-LIST ] [ file FILENAME ]

       The ip utility can monitor the state of devices, addresses and routes
       continuously.  This option has a slightly different format.  Namely,
       the monitor command is the first in the command line and then the
       object list follows:

       ip monitor [ all | OBJECT-LIST ] [ file FILENAME ]

       OBJECT-LIST is the list of object types that we want to monitor.	 It
       may contain link, address, route, mroute, prefix, neigh and netconf.
       If no file argument is given, ip opens RTNETLINK, listens on it and
       dumps state changes in the format described in previous sections.

       If the file option is given, the program does not listen on RTNETLINK,
       but opens the given file, and dumps its contents. The file should con‐
       tain RTNETLINK messages saved in binary format.	Such a file can be
       generated with the rtmon utility.  This utility has a command line syn‐
       tax similar to ip monitor.  Ideally, rtmon should be started before the
       first network configuration command is issued. F.e. if you insert:

	       rtmon file /var/log/rtmon.log

       in a startup script, you will be able to view the full history later.

       Nevertheless, it is possible to start rtmon at any time.	 It prepends
       the history with the state snapshot dumped at the moment of starting.


       Original Manpage by Michail Litvak <mci@owl.openwall.com>

iproute2			  13 Dec 2012			 IP-MONITOR(8)

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