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isl(1M)								       isl(1M)

       isl - initial system loader

       implements  the	operating  system independent portion of the bootstrap
       process.	 It is loaded and executed after self-test and	initialization
       have completed successfully.

       The  processor contains special purpose memory for maintaining critical
       configuration related parameters (e.g. Primary  Boot,  Alternate	 Boot,
       and  Console Paths).  Two forms of memory are supported: Stable Storage
       and Non-Volatile Memory (NVM).

       Typically, when control is transferred to an sequence takes place.   An
       sequence	 allows a complete bootstrap operation to occur with no inter‐
       vention from an operator.  executes commands from the file in a script-
       like fashion.  is enabled by a flag in Stable Storage.

       is a mechanism that automatically locates the boot and console devices.
       For further information, see pdc(1M).

       During an sequence, displays its revision and the name of  any  utility
       it  executes.  However, if is disabled, after displays its revision, it
       then prompts for input from the console device.	 Acceptable  input  is
       any  command  name  or the name of any utility available on the system.
       If a non-fatal error occurs or  the  executed  utility  returns,	 again
       prompts for input.

       There  are  several  commands available in although not all commads are
       supported on cellular systems .	The following is a list with  a	 short
       description.   Parameters  may be entered on the command line following
       the command name.  They must be separated by spaces.  prompts  for  any
       necessary parameters that are not entered on the command line.

	      Help - List commands and available utilities

	      List available utilities

	      Enable or disable the
			     autoboot sequence

			     Parameter - or

	      Enable or disable the

			     Parameter - or

	      Modify the Primary Boot Path

			     Parameter - Primary Boot Path in decimal

	      Modify the Alternate Boot Path

			     Parameter - Alternate Boot Path in decimal

	      Modify the Console Path

			     Parameter - Console Path in decimal

	      List contents of the

	      Display the Primary Boot, Alternate Boot, and Console Paths

	      Display the contents of one word of NVM in hexadecimal

			     Parameter	-  NVM	address in decimal or standard
			     hexadecimal notation

	      Display the contents of one word of Stable Storage in  hexadeci‐

			     Parameter	- Stable Storage address in decimal or
			     standard hexadecimal notation

       displays diagnostic information through error messages written  on  the
       console and display codes on the LED display.

       For the display codes, are informative only.  and indicate errors, some
       of which are fatal and cause the system to halt.	 Other	errors	merely
       cause to display a message.

       Non-fatal  errors  during  an sequence cause the sequence to be aborted
       and to prompt for input.	 After non-fatal errors during an  interactive
       session, merely prompts for input.

       Fatal  errors  cause the system to halt.	 The problem must be corrected
       and the system RESET to recover.

	      is executing.

	      is      from the file.

	      Cannot find an
		      file.  aborted.

	      No console found,
		      can only

	      Directory of utilities is too big,
		      reads only 2K bytes.

	      file is inconsistent.

	      Utility file header inconsistent: SOM values invalid.

	      file input string exceeds 2048 characters.

	      command or utility name exceeds 10 characters.

	      has transferred control to the utility.

	      Internal inconsistency: Volume label -

	      Internal inconsistency: Directory -

	      Error reading

	      Error reading from console -

	      Error writing to console -

	      Not an  command or utility.

	      Utility file header inconsistent: Invalid System ID.

	      Error reading utility file header.

	      Utility file header inconsistent: Bad magic number.

	      Utility would overlay
		      in memory.

	      Utility requires more memory than is configured.

	      Error reading utility into memory.

	      Incorrect checksum: Reading utility into memory.

	      Console needed -

	      Internal inconsistency: Boot device class -

	      Destination memory address of utility is invalid.

	      Utility file header inconsistent:
		      pdc_cache entry.

	      Internal inconsistency:
		      iodc_entry_init -

	      Internal inconsistency:
		      iodc_entry_init - console -

	      Internal inconsistency:
		      iodc_entry_init - boot device -

	      Utility file header inconsistent: Bad

	      Bad utility file type.

       boot(1M), pdc(1M).

			     PA-RISC Systems Only		       isl(1M)

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