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ISOHYBRID(1)		       Syslinux Project			  ISOHYBRID(1)

       isohybrid - Postprocess ISO images for hybrid mode

       isohybrid [OPTIONS] IMAGE

       Starting	 in  version 3.72, ISOLINUX supports a "hybrid mode" which can
       be booted from either CD-ROM or from a device which  BIOS  considers  a
       hard disk or ZIP disk, e.g. a USB key or similar.

       To enable this mode, the .iso image needs to be postprecessed with this

       -h HEADS
	   Number of default geometry heads.

       -s SECTORS
	   Number of default geometry sectors.

       -e, --entry
	   Specify partition entry number (1-4).

       -o, --offset
	   Specify partition offset (default 0).

       -t, --type
	   Specify partition type (default 0x17).

       -i, --id
	   Specify MBR ID (default random).

	   Assume we are loaded as disk ID 0.

	   Assume disk ID 0 if the Ctrl key is pressed.

	   Allow booting from within a partition.

       -?, --help
	   Display help.

       -v, --verbose
	   Display verbose output.

       -V, --version
	   Display version information.


       More information about the Syslinux project can be found on  the	 home‐
       page at <>.

       isohybrid was written by H. Peter Anvin <>.

       This  manual  page  was	written	 by  Daniel  Baumann <mail@daniel-bau‐>.

4.00				  2010-06-22			  ISOHYBRID(1)

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