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wctype(3C)							    wctype(3C)

       wctype(),  iswalpha(),  iswblank(), iswupper(), iswlower(), iswdigit(),
       iswxdigit(),  iswalnum(),  iswspace(),  iswpunct(),  iswprint(),	  isw‐
       graph(), iswcntrl(), iswctype() - classify wide characters

       These  functions	 are  compliant	 with  the  XPG4 Worldwide Portability
       Interface wide-character classification functions.  They	 parallel  the
       8-bit character classification functions defined in ctype(3C).

       These  functions	 classify wide character values according to the rules
       of the coded character set identified by the last  successful  call  to
       (see setlocale(3C)).

       If  has not been called successfully, characters are classified accord‐
       ing to the rules of the default ASCII 7-bit coded  character  set  (see

       Each  of	 the classification functions is a predicate that returns non-
       zero for true, zero for false.

       is defined for valid character class names as defined  in  the  current
       locale.	 charclass  is	a string identifying a generic character class
       for which codeset-specific type information is required.	 The following
       class  names  are  defined in all locales: and User-defined class names
       may be specified if supported by the current locale as defined by  (see
       setlocale(3C)).	 returns  a value of type that can be used in a subse‐
       quent call to or if charclass is not valid in the current locale.

       The classification functions return non-zero under the  following  cir‐
       cumstances, and zero otherwise:

	      wc		  has the property defined by prop.

	      wc		  is a letter.

	      wc		  is  a	 blank	character;  that is a space or

	      wc		  is an uppercase letter.

	      wc		  is a lowercase letter.

	      wc		  is a decimal	digit  (in  ASCII:  characters

	      wc		  is a hexadecimal digit (in ASCII: characters
				  [0-9], [A-F] or [a-f]).

	      wc		  is an alphanumeric (letters or digits).

	      wc		  is a character that creates "white space" in
				  displayed  text  (in ASCII: space, tab, car‐
				  riage return, new-line,  vertical  tab,  and

	      wc		  is  a	 punctuation  character (in ASCII: any
				  printing character except the space  charac‐
				  ter (040), digits, letters).

	      wc		  is a printing character.

	      wc		  is  a	 visible character (in ASCII: printing
				  characters, excluding	 the  space  character

	      wc		  is  a control character (in ASCII: character
				  codes less than 040 and the delete character

       If  the argument to any of these functions is outside the domain of the
       function, the result is 0 (false).

       Definitions for these functions and the types and are provided  in  the

       The category determines the classification of character type.

   International Code Set Support
       Single-byte and multibyte character code sets are supported.

       was developed by IBM, OSF, and HP.

       ctype(3C), multibyte(3C), setlocale(3C), ascii(5), thread_safety(5).


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