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kdestroy(1m)							  kdestroy(1m)

       kdestroy	 - Destroys a principal's login context and associated creden‐

       kdestroy [-c cache_name] [-e exp_period] [-r max_retry_of_readdir]

       Specifies  that	the  login  context  and  associated  credentials  for
       cache_name  should  be destroyed instead of the default cache.  Removes
       credentials that have been expired for a period of time longer than the
       period  of  time specified by exp_period.  Specifies the maximum number
       of retries.

       The kdestroy command destroys a principal's login context and the prin‐
       cipal's credentials.  Until the credentials are reestablished by either
       executing the dce_login command or the kinit  command,	the  principal
       and any processes created by the principal will be limited to unauthen‐
       ticated access.

       Specify the expiration period  in  the  following  format:  {num{inter‐

       where:  A  number that specifies the number of interval A designator of
       the time period for num.	 interval can be any of	 the  following:  w  -
       weeks d - days h - hours (default) m - minutes s - seconds

       For  example, to destroy credentials that have been expired more than 5
       days and 10 hours, the entry would be 5d10h.

       If the KRB5CCNAME environment variable is set, the default  credentials
       cache.  ([unix_id] is the decimal UNIX ID of the user.)

       kdestroy	 provided under "/usr/bin" is part of Kerberos V5 client prod‐
       uct.  For DCE operations use "/opt/dce/bin/kdestroy".

       Commands: klist(1m), kinit(1m).


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