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KEY.DNS_RESOLVER(8)	Linux Key Management Utilities	   KEY.DNS_RESOLVER(8)

       key.dns_resolver - Upcall for request-key to handle dns_resolver keys

       /sbin/key.dns_resolver <key>
       /sbin/key.dns_resolver -D [-v] [-v] <keydesc> <calloutinfo>

       This  program  is  invoked  by request-key on behalf of the kernel when
       kernel services (such as NFS, CIFS and AFS) want to perform a  hostname
       lookup and the kernel does not have the key cached.  It is not ordinarā€
       ily intended to be called directly.

       It can be called in debugging mode to test its functionality by passing
       a  -D  flag on the command line.	 For this to work, the key description
       and the	callout	 information  must  be	supplied.   Verbosity  can  be
       increased by supplying one or more -v flags.

       All errors will be logged to the syslog.

       request-key(8), request-key.conf(5)

Linux				  04 Mar 2011		   KEY.DNS_RESOLVER(8)

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