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KICONV(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual		     KICONV(3)

     kiconv_add_xlat16_cspair, kiconv_add_xlat16_cspairs,
     kiconv_add_xlat16_table — kernel side iconv library

     library “libkiconv”

     #include <sys/iconv.h>

     kiconv_add_xlat16_cspair(const char *tocode, const char *fromcode,
	 int flag);

     kiconv_add_xlat16_cspairs(const char *foreigncode,
	 const char *localcode);

     kiconv_add_xlat16_table(const char *tocode, const char *fromcode,
	 const void *data, int datalen);

     The kiconv library provides multi-byte character conversion tables for
     kernel side iconv service.

     The kiconv_add_xlat16_cspair() function defines a conversion table using
     iconv(3) between fromcode charset and tocode charset.  You can specify
     flag to determine if tolower(3) / toupper(3) conversion is included in
     the table.	 The flag has following values.

     KICONV_FROM_LOWER	It generates a tolower table in addition to a charac‐
			ter conversion table.  The difference between two is
			tolower tocode or tolower fromcode.
     KICONV_FROM_UPPER	It generates a toupper table in addition to a charac‐
			ter conversion table.  The difference between two is
			toupper tocode or toupper fromcode.

     A tolower/toupper conversion is limited to single-byte characters.

     The kiconv_add_xlat16_cspairs() function defines two conversion tables
     which are from localcode to foreigncode and from foreigncode to
     localcode.	 These conversion tables also contain both tolower and toupper

     The kiconv_add_xlat16_table() function defines a conversion table
     directly pointed by data whose length is datalen, not using iconv(3).

     iconv(3), tolower(3), toupper(3), iconv(9)

BSD				 July 17, 2003				   BSD

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