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kill(1)								       kill(1)

       kill - send a signal to a process

       kill [-sig] processid...
       kill -l

       The command sends the TERM (terminate, 15) signal to the specified pro‐
       cesses.	If a signal name or number preceded by `-' is given  as	 first
       argument, that signal is sent instead of terminate.  For further infor‐
       mation, see

       The terminate signal kills processes that  do  not  catch  the  signal;
       `kill  -9 ...' is a sure kill, as the KILL (9) signal cannot be caught.
       By convention, if process number 0 is specified,	 all  members  in  the
       process group (that is, processes resulting from the current login) are
       signaled.  This works only if you use and not if	 you  use  To  kill  a
       process it must either belong to you or you must be superuser.

       The  process  number  of	 an  asynchronous  process started with `&' is
       reported by the shell.  Process numbers can also be found by  using  It
       allows  job  specifiers ``%...''	 so process ID's are not as often used
       as arguments.  See for details.

       -l   Lists signal names.	 The signal names are listed by `kill -l', and
	    are	 as given in /usr/include/signal.h, stripped of the common SIG

See Also
       csh(1), ps(1), kill(2), sigvec(2)


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