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lang(5int)							    lang(5int)

       lang - language names

       The  language  support databases used by are stored in the directory If
       either the language support databases are moved or you specify your own
       language support database, it is necessary to set the INTLINFO environ‐
       ment variable to the new location of these tables. The syntax  of  this
       environment  variable  is  identical to See the reference page for more

       Should you want to create your own database, use	 the  reference	  page
       and  the	 Guide	to Developing International Software as references for
       what information your database should contain.  After  you  create  the
       database, you can specify it by using the international compiler,

       The  following  table defines the supplied settings of the LANG and LC_
       environment variables.

       Database	     Language	Territory	 Codeset       Use
       ENG_GB.MCS    English	United Kingdom	 DEC MCS       VT200 series
       FRE_FR.MCS    French	France
       GER_DE.MCS    German	Germany

       ENG_GB.8859   English	United Kingdom	 ISO Latin-1   VT300 series
       FRE_FR.8859   French	France
       GER_DE.8859   German	Germany

       ENG_GB.646    English	United Kingdom	 ISO 646       VT100 series
       FRE_FR.646    French	France
       GER_DE.646    German	Germany

       In addition to the default collation definition for the GER_DE.nnn lan‐
       guage,  Digital	provides  a  character	collation  table that collates
       information using the German telephone directory ordering of data.  The
       following  example shows how to set the variable to use this table with
       the ISO Latin-1 codeset:

See Also
       ic(1int),  intro(3int),	 nl_langinfo(3int),   setlocale(3int),	 envi‐
       Guide to Developing International Software


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