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last(1)								       last(1)

       last - indicate last logins of users and teletypes

       last [-N] [name...] [tty...]

       The  command  looks  back  in  the  file,  which records all logins and
       logouts, for information about a user, a teletype or any group of users
       and teletypes.  Arguments specify names of users or teletypes of inter‐
       est.  Names of teletypes can be given fully or abbreviated.  For	 exam‐
       ple `last 0' is the same as `last tty0'.

       If multiple arguments are given, the information that applies to any of
       the arguments is printed.  For example, `last root console'  lists  all
       of "root's" sessions as well as all sessions on the console terminal.

       The  command  prints the sessions of the specified users and teletypes,
       most recent first, indicating the times at which the session began, the
       duration	 of  the  session,  and the teletype on which the session took
       place.  If the session is ongoing or was cut short by a	reboot,	 indi‐
       cates that this is so.

       The  pseudo-user	 reboot	 logs in at reboots of the system.  Therefore,
       the following example gives an indication of mean time between reboot:
       last reboot

       The command with no  arguments  prints  a  record  of  all  logins  and
       logouts, in reverse order.

       If is interrupted, it indicates how far the search has progressed in If
       interrupted with a quit signal (generated by a <CTRL/E>) indicates  how
       far the search has progressed so far, and the search continues.

       -N   Limits the number of output lines to the specified number.

			   login data base

			   records that shutdowns occurred and why

See Also
       wtmp(5), ac(8), lastcomm(1)


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