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lcg01of(8)							    lcg01of(8)

       lcg01of - LCG01 Color Printing System Filter

       /usr/lib/lpdfilters/lcg01of  [-c]  [-nlogin] [-hhost] [-wwidth] [-lnum]
       [-iindent]  [accounting file]

       The filter is used to filter text data destined	for  the  LCG01	 Color
       Printing	 System.   The	filter	handles the device dependencies of the
       printers and performs accounting	 functions.   Accounting  records  are
       written to the file specified by the af field in at the time of comple‐
       tion for each job.

       The filter can handle plain ASCII files, nroff files, and sixel	files.
       The  printer  also  supports  the  following  graphic protocols: ReGIS,
       NAPLPS, and GIDIS. To print using these	protocols,  the	 xf(8)	filter
       should be invoked using the lpr -x option.  The filter translates nroff
       control sequences for  underlining,  superscripting,  and  subscripting
       into the correct LCG01 control sequences.

       The filter can be the specified filter in both the of and the if fields
       in the file.  For further information, see When both fields are	speci‐
       fied,  the of filter is used only to print the banner page.  It is then
       stopped to allow the if filter access to the  printer.  The  if	filter
       maintains accounting information.

       If  the of field is the only one specified, the filter is used to print
       the banner page.	 It is then stopped and restarted.  This allows the of
       filter to be used to maintain accounting information.

       If  the	if  field  is  the only one specified, the banner page is sent
       directly to the printer. If the printer has been left  in  an  undeter‐
       mined state, the banner page may not print correctly.

       The  best results are obtained when the filter is specified in both the
       of and if fields.  For a more detailed discussion on filters,  see  the
       ``Line  Printer Spooler Manual'' in the ULTRIX Supplementary Documents,
       Volume 2: Programmer.

       The filter ignores the arguments passed to it by the line printer  dae‐
       mon, lpd(8).  The of filter is called with the following arguments:

       lcg01of -wwidth -llength
	      The  width  and  length values come from the pw and pl fields in
	      the database.

       The if (or restarted of) filter is passed the following arguments:

       lcg01of -c -nlogin -hhost -wwidth -lnum -iindent	 accounting file

       The lf field (default /dev/null) in the database specifies  error  log‐
       ging file name.

       Printer capabilities database

       See Also
	      lpr(1), pr(1), printcap(5), lpd(8), MAKEDEV(8), pac(8)
	      ``Line Printer Spooler Manual,'' ULTRIX Supplementary Documents,
	      Volume 2: Programmer


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