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LCMAP(8)							      LCMAP(8)

       lcmap - determine path-ownership in a cluster


       NetWorker software in a clustered environment needs to determine a map‐
       ping of a save path (filesystem or raw device) to the  proper  physical
       or  virtual  cluster client. This ensures that the data is saved to the
       correct NetWorker client name and facilitates  recovery	of  a  virtual
       NetWorker client irrespective of its current physical host. Path-owner‐
       ship resolution also allows NetWorker server to identify with a virtual
       service in a cluster with its own configuration directory and  become a
       highly available application when put  under  control  of  the  cluster

       A platform and cluster specific lcmap script is installed when the net‐
       worker.cluster(8) script is run in order	 to  configure	the  NetWorker
       software	 as  highly  available.	 The  lcmap script queries the cluster
       software and outputs to stdout the path-ownership  information  in  the
       EMC Resource Administration Platform (RAP) format, which is cluster and
       platform independent. The lcmap script is called by NetWorker  software
       whenever	 the  path-ownership  information  needs  to  be determined or
       updated. The format of the output is NetWorker internal and can	change
       between the releases. The script should not be modified manually.

       The following is an example output from lcmap script:
	       type: NSR_CLU_TYPE;
	       clu_type: NSR_LC_TYPE;
	       interface version: 1.0;

	       type: NSR_CLU_VIRTHOST;
	       hostname: chase;
	       owned paths: /global/chase/nsr;

	       type: NSR_CLU_VIRTHOST;
	       hostname: hunt;
	       owned paths: /global/hunt/data1, /global/hunt/data2;

       save(8), savegrp(8), pathownerignore(5), networker.cluster(8).
       The NetWorker Administrator's Guide

NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			      LCMAP(8)
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