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LDD(1)									LDD(1)

       ldd - list dynamic dependencies

       ldd filename ...

       For  each  filename , ldd lists the dynamically loaded objects on which
       that filename  depends,	if  any.   If  the  dynamic  dependency	 is  a
       ``library''  (a	so-called ``shared library''), then both the canonical
       form of the library name and version and the actual  pathname  used  to
       access the library are listed.  For example, if a given filename uses a
       shared C library version 4, which  has  the  name  /usr/lib/libc.so.4.9
       (where  9  is  the  most recent revision to interface version number 4)
       then ldd filename will report:

	    -lc.4 => /usr/lib/libc.so.4.9

       For each filename which is not an executable program, or else does  not
       require any dynamic objects for its execution, ldd will issue an appro‐
       priate diagnostic.

       It should be noted that although all dynamically linked programs depend
       on the file /usr/lib/ld.so , ldd will never report this dependency.


			       12 November 1987				LDD(1)

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