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frexp(3)							      frexp(3)

       frexp, ldexp, modf - split into mantissa and exponent

       #include <math.h>

       double frexp(value, eptr)
       double value;
       int *eptr;

       double ldexp(value, exp)
       double value;

       double modf(value, iptr)
       double value, *iptr;

       The subroutine returns the mantissa of a double value as a double quan‐
       tity, x, of magnitude less than 1.0 and greater than or	equal  to  0.5
       (0.5 <= |x| < 1) and stores an integer n such that value = x*2**n indi‐
       rectly through eptr.

       The returns the quantity value*2**exp.

       The returns the positive fractional part of value and stores the	 inte‐
       ger part indirectly through iptr.

Return Values
       If  would  cause overflow, ±HUGE_VAL is returned (according to the sign
       of value) and errno is set to ERANGE.  If would cause underflow,	 0  is
       returned and errno is set to ERANGE.


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