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leave(1)							      leave(1)

       leave - remind you when you have to leave

       leave [ hhmm ]

       The  command  waits until the specified time, then reminds you that you
       have to leave.  You are reminded 5 minutes  and	1  minute  before  the
       actual  time,  at  the time, and every minute thereafter.  When you log
       off, exits just before it would have printed the next message.

       The time of day is in the form hhmm where hh is a time in hours	(on  a
       12  or 24 hour clock).  All times are converted to a 12 hour clock, and
       assumed to be in the next 12 hours.

       If no argument is given, prompts with ``When do you have to leave?''. A
       reply of newline causes to exit, otherwise the reply is assumed to be a
       time.  This form is suitable for inclusion in a or

       Leave ignores interrupts, quits, and terminates.	 To get rid of it  you
       should either log off or use ``kill -9'' giving its process ID.

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