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LSEARCH(3)		   Linux Programmer's Manual		    LSEARCH(3)

       lfind, lsearch - linear search of an array

       #include <search.h>

       void *lfind(const void *key, const void *base, size_t *nmemb,
		size_t size, int(*compar)(const void *, const void *));

       void *lsearch(const void *key, void *base, size_t *nmemb,
		size_t size, int(*compar)(const void *, const void *));

       lfind() and lsearch() perform a linear search for key in the array base
       which has *nmemb elements of size bytes each.  The comparison  function
       referenced  by  compar is expected to have two arguments which point to
       the key object and to an array member, in that order, and which returns
       zero if the key object matches the array member, and nonzero otherwise.

       If  lsearch()  does not find a matching element, then the key object is
       inserted at the end of the table, and *nmemb is incremented.   In  par‐
       ticular,	 one  should know that a matching element exists, or that more
       room is available.

       lfind() returns a pointer to a matching member of the array, or NULL if
       no match is found.  lsearch() returns a pointer to a matching member of
       the array, or to the newly added member if no match is found.

       SVr4, 4.3BSD, POSIX.1-2001.  Present in libc since libc-4.6.27.

       The naming is unfortunate.

       bsearch(3), hsearch(3), tsearch(3)

       This page is part of release 3.54 of the Linux  man-pages  project.   A
       description  of	the project, and information about reporting bugs, can
       be found at http://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/.

GNU				  1999-09-27			    LSEARCH(3)

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