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listen(2)							     listen(2)

       listen - listen for connections on a socket

       listen(s, backlog)
       int s, backlog;

       To accept connections, a socket is first created with a call, a backlog
       for incoming connections is specified with and then the connections are
       accepted	 with  the  call.  The call is needed only for sockets of type

       The backlog parameter defines the maximum length the queue  of  pending
       connections  may	 grow  to.   If	 a connection request arrives with the
       queue full, the client receives an error with an indication of ECONNREā€

       The backlog is currently limited to 8.

Return Values
       A 0 return value indicates success.  A -1 indicates an error.

       The call fails under the following conditions:

       [EBADF]	      The argument s is not a valid descriptor.

       [ENOTSOCK]     The argument s is not a socket.

       [EOPNOTSUPP]   The socket is not of a type that supports the operation

See Also
       accept(2), connect(2), socket(2)


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