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LOOK(1)								       LOOK(1)

       look - find lines in a sorted list

       look [ -dfnixtc ] [ string ] [ file ]

       Look  consults  a  sorted  file	and  prints  all lines that begin with
       string.	It uses binary search.

       The following options are recognized.  Options dfnt affect  comparisons
       as in sort(1).

       -i     Interactive.   There  is	no string argument; instead look takes
	      lines from the standard input as strings to be looked up.

       -x     Exact.  Print only lines of the file whose  key  matches	string

       -d     `Directory' order: only letters, digits, tabs and blanks partic‐
	      ipate in comparisons.

       -f     Fold.  Upper case letters compare equal to lower case.

       -n     Numeric comparison with initial string of digits, optional minus
	      sign, and optional decimal point.

       -t[c]  Character	 c  terminates	the sort key in the file.  By default,
	      tab terminates the key.  If c is missing the  entire  line  com‐
	      prises the key.

       If no file is specified, /lib/words is assumed, with collating sequence



       sort(1), grep(1)

       The exit status is ``not found'' if no match is found, and ``no dictio‐
       nary'' if file or the default dictionary cannot be opened.

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