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lookbib(1)							    lookbib(1)

       indxbib, lookbib - build inverted index for a bibliography, lookup bib‐
       liographic references

       indxbib database...
       lookbib database

       The makes an inverted index to the named databases (or files)  for  use
       by  and These files contain bibliographic references (or other kinds of
       information) separated by blank lines.

       A bibliographic reference is a set of  lines,  constituting  fields  of
       bibliographic  information.  Each field starts on a line beginning with
       a ``%'', followed by a key-letter, then a blank, and finally  the  con‐
       tents  of  the  field,  which may continue until the next line starting
       with ``%''.

       The command is a shell script that calls and The first  program,	 trun‐
       cates  words  to	 6  characters, and maps upper case to lower case.  It
       also discards words shorter than 3 characters, words among the 100 most
       common  English	words,	and  numbers  (dates) < 1900 or > 2000.	 These
       parameters can be changed.  The second program, inv, creates  an	 entry
       file  (.ia),  a	posting	 file  (.ib), and a tag file (.ic), all in the
       working directory.

       The command uses an inverted index made by  to  find  sets  of  biblio‐
       graphic	references.  It reads keywords typed after the ``>'' prompt on
       the terminal, and retrieves records containing all these keywords.   If
       nothing matches, nothing is returned except another ``>'' prompt.

       It  is  possible	 to  search multiple databases, as long as they have a
       common index made by In that case, only the first argument given to  is
       specified to

       If  does	 not  find the index files (the .i[abc] files), it looks for a
       reference file with the same name as the	 argument,  without  the  suf‐
       fixes.  It creates a file with a '.ig' suffix, suitable for use with It
       then uses this fgrep file to find references.  This method  is  simpler
       to  use,	 but the .ig file is slower to use than the .i[abc] files, and
       does not allow the use of multiple reference files.

       x.ia, x.ib, x.ic, where x is the first argument, or if  these  are  not
       present, then x.ig, x

See Also
       addbib(1), lookbib(1), refer(1), roffbib(1), sortbib(1),


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