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lp(1)									 lp(1)

       lp - send requests to an LP line printer

       lp [-c] [-d dest] [-n number] [-] [files]

       The  command  arranges  for  the named files and associated information
       (collectively called a request) to be printed by a line printer.	 If no
       file  names  are mentioned, the standard input is assumed.  When a file
       name is designated by a minus sign (-) it stands for the standard input
       and  may	 be  supplied  on  the	command line in conjunction with named
       files.  The order in which files appear is the same order in which they
       are printed.

       This command exists for X/OPEN compatibility.

       The  following options to may appear in any order and may be intermixed
       with file names:

       -c	   Makes copies of the files to be printed immediately when is
		   invoked.   Normally,	 files	are not copied, but are linked
		   whenever possible.  If the -c option is not given, then the
		   user	 should	 be  careful  not  to  remove any of the files
		   before the request has been printed in  its	entirety.   It
		   should  also	 be  noted  that  without  the	-c option, any
		   changes made to the named files after the request  is  made
		   but	before it is printed are reflected in the printed out‐

       -d dest	   Chooses dest as the printer that is to do the printing.  If
		   dest is a printer, then the request is printed on that spe‐
		   cific printer.  By default, dest is taken from the environ‐
		   ment	 variable  PRINTER if it is set.  Otherwise, a default
		   destination, lp, is used.

       -n number   Prints number copies (default of 1) of the output.

       /etc/passwd	      personal identification
       /etc/printcap	      printer capabilities data base
       /usr/lib/lpd*	      line printer daemons
       /usr/spool/*	      directories used for spooling
       /usr/spool/*/cf*	      daemon control files
       /usr/spool/*/df*	      data files specified in cf files
       /usr/spool/*/tf*	      temporary copies of cf files

See Also
       lpq(1), lpr(1), lprm(1), pr(1), symlink(2), printcap(2), lpc(8), lpd(8)


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